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image description SUBSCRIBE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE T-SHIRT  (Message channel for more information) Jack, a high school student, discovers his sister dead on Halloween. Her death haunts him to the point of trying to discover why? And when he does, he's determined to keep her memory alive.

Kontakt Zombey The Machine
Kontakt ...Martin is extremely interested in aliens. Every week he finds a place to sit and study the sky for Ufos.

by Anders Øvergaard

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Zombey ...A group of zombie apocalypse survivors seek shelter in a school, only to find it overrun with the dead.

by Jack De La Mare

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The Machine ...A guy creates a deadly time machine.

by Billy Woods and Tim Kohlstedt

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Hydroxsync Posthumous Victim
Hydroxsync ...A deadly addiction.

by Harry Kumar

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Posthumous ...After Michael is reunited with his dead brother Jarred, he must confront the pain of his brother's passing while dealing with a very irrational request made by Jarred.

by Anthony Aguiar

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Victim ...Based around a teenage boy who finds himself being stalked by the mythical being 'Slender Man' over a period of days.

by Eddie Adamson

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