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Web Series are episodic scripted videos. Spreading out a story or theme into several episodes.

A Couple of Cops Unlucky Magician Liz
A Couple of Cops A fake TV Pilot show filmed last year at Spring Arbor University.

by Zac Haske

Unlucky Magician ...Reviews about the upcoming DC Films.

by Will Kettle and Gabe Garrett

Liz ...Lucid Dreaming.

by Hallie Cardoza and Tommy Whalen

The Web Series - "Jungle Juice" Morganville: The Series New Student - Mr. Ginger
RAs: The Web Series - "Jungle Juice" ...The beverage of choice.

by Claire Fishman

Morganville: The Series ...Near death encounter with local mean girls.

by Rachel Caine

New Student - Mr. Ginger ...Mr. Ginger is a politically incorrect high school teacher.

by Mike Akel