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StudentFilmsOnline is a visual library of movies made by students and independent artists. A community effort to support unrecognized entrepreneurs . It contains information, reviews and recommendations to the best films out there in the Internet world. It is not a non-profit organization or a corporation. It is a not-for-profit service provided to the online community. If you find this service useful please consider donating.

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A Must See! Plot: Guilt catches up with Jack and his solution of relief becomes someone else's nightmare.

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Jack grieves over the loss of his sister, and is determined to keep her memory alive.

Where can I learn about film-making?

There are many schools out there that offer film degrees; state universities, private universities, and believe it or not community colleges.

Universities offer 4 year degrees, however, you can learn just as much about film by attending a community college which offers a 2 year degree. From my experience, community colleges offer a more hands on experience while learning about the history of film, which makes it even more appealing.

Although many companies are now hiring those with a 4 year degree, there are still employment opportunities for those with a 2 year degree. It may take more of an effort, but they are out there.

The most important aspect of finding a job is having a portfolio of your work history, experience, and education. You can build the experience part of your portfolio by applying for crew jobs on Craigslist, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), Facebook, meetup groups or by word of mouth. It's a good practice to have experience in most positions such as, camera operator, sound, lighting, grip, gaffer, script supervisor, location manager, and production assistant.

Which colleges offer film degrees?

I recommend a community college if you want a more hands on experience. Their film programs are usually well-rounded. They have a 2 year certificate program for film.

Universities offer a 4 year degree in film. Many people who wish to extend their degree from 2 to 4 years can transfer over as a Junior.

A community college is the least expensive way to acquire a film degree. Attending it for the first 2 years is a big money savor with the ability to obtain a quality education. Moving onto an university for the last 2 years is the next best way to go in terms of savings and receiving optimal education.

There are several private schools you can attend, such as Academy of Art University, The Art Institutes, and the San Francisco School of Digital Film making. These schools tend to be more expensive, but the best way to decide on which school will benefit you the most is to find out what their average job placement rate is.

What's Your Favorite Film?

One of my favorite films is "Parody of Student Film Cliches." This film was intentionally made to show you common themes used in student films.

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